“We know SMEs represent 99.9% of business in Alberta—only 0.1% of all Alberta businesses have 500 employees or more—but what else do we know about them? Who are they? What is the typical size, industry, life-cycle phase, and years in operation for our province’s SMEs? And what makes them tick? To find out, we examined Alberta SME’s optimism about the economy, the future of their businesses and growth plans. We also asked the more experienced entrepreneurs to give some advice to those just starting out.

Over the last three quarters, we surveyed over 900 SMEs. Of those surveyed, nearly half (49%) are considered “micro” businesses, with fewer than five employees, 41% are small with 5 to 49 employees and 10% mid-sized with 50 to 499 employees. In terms of annual revenue, half of those surveyed reported revenues of $1 million or more in 2012.”

ATB Business Beat: October 2013