“For centuries, family businesses have been the most enduring, prevalent and successful form of enterprise. Today, family businesses operate in almost every corner of the Canadian economy. They drive innovation and employment. Their resilience and adaptability make them a buffer against economic shocks and dislocations. They are vital to the development of both the prosperity and character of their communities…

Of the 322 people who took part in the first phase of our Family Business Survey:
• 95 percent are involved with privately held family businesses:
• 43 percent are located in Ontario
• One-quarter are involved with family businesses in either industrial markets or real estate
• 43 percent of their companies have revenues greater than $10 million
• One-quarter of the respondents have worked for ten to fifteen years as full-time employees in their family business
• 38 percent of respondents’ businesses have operated for more than 40 years”

KPMG: Canadian Family Business Report