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Matt Barr Joins Equicapita Team as VP Operations

Equicapita is pleased to announce that Matt Barr has joined as Vice President – Operations. Matt’s key areas of responsibilities will include working with portfolio companies and their management teams, identifying operational enhancements, acquisition integration and investment assessment.

Matt has a strong business track record that has been built on top of his education, which includes a Masters of Business from Kettering University, a Bachelor of Operations from University of Western Sydney, a purchasing diploma from Fanshawe College as well as an Executive Leadership certificate from Cornell University and a Lean Six Sigma certification from Villanova University. Throughout his career he has continued to focus on implementing new techniques that he has learned through his own continued development. He is a practitioner, as well as theorist, in transformations and culture development through Six Sigma and lean methodologies and has demonstrated these skills across many organizations and industries including automotive, heavy machinery industrials, and oil and gas. Matt has consistently excelled using a fundamental approach towards leadership and culture creation which has allowed him to build strong and sustainable teams, brands, and businesses. “Matt’s experience, expertise and track record represent a substantial strengthening of our team and we very excited to have Matt on board” says Stephen Johnston, Director of Equicapita.