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EquiONE is a proprietary software and operational framework that provides the platform for good companies to become great companies. The focus is on our businesses constantly improving performance. It is never ending, it is not a project, it is the fabric and new normal of how the business functions. In conjunction with our software driven oversight and KPI systems, EquiONE allows us to quickly and cost effectively integrate new acquisitions into the portfolio and then to work to enhance profitability. We believe this is a core competitive advantage and an additional source of returns in our portfolio.

  • 1. Business Intelligence and data algorithms

  • 2. Education on loss & waste analysis

  • 3. Identify opportunties through data discovery

  • 4. Build culture of continuous improvement

Step 1

We provide a cloud-based BI platform which integrates all our operating companies and essential business platforms into a centralized data repository. This tool enables data-driven decision making across the portfolio, departments and all levels of management.

Step 2

Why train on loss and waste? The operations piece of the business is the highest-cost, representing 70-80% for most businesses and most of the costs are variable – like labor, materials, etc. The traditional small to mid-sized businesses tend to focus only on increasing sales. We believe training on waste & losses has the biggest impact on bottom line performance.

Step 3

To identify where these waste and losses are located we use a data first  mindset. Visualizing the performance creates a predictive rather than reactive decision making culture which can act swiftly upon given opportunities and challenges. By managing by exception we’ve ensured that our methodology is cost effectively scalable for further growth.

Step 4

We build a culture of continuous improvement by constructing task forces which create and execute on identified opportunities, empowered by the lean methodology.  Our approach and “train the trainer” model allows for company wide integration and adoption. Process improvements are captured and standardized through operating procedures to set the bar higher every day.

Step 5