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Quick Facts

We acquire companies with exceptional management teams and an identifiable economic "moat". We take a custodial approach letting management operate their businesses. We do seek to find operational efficiencies in cooperation with our management teams and to wherever possible encourage our portfolio companies to work synergistically together. We do not rely on financial engineering to drive returns – we let cash-flow compounding, diversification and scale work in our favor.


We look for businesses with incumbent management teams with a strong entrepreneurial outlook.


We are industry agnostic although our investment screens prioritize low capital intensity and multiple decade operating histories which tends to preclude primary resource extraction. We do not invest directly in real estate.


We acquire super majority to 100% ownership stakes. We are open to pure asset or share purchase structures.

Transaction Size

Our preferred EBITDA range is between $2MM and $6MM subject to deal multiples and strategic considerations including adding to existing business silos and portfolio diversification.


We are interested in seeing deal-flow across the entire spectrum of Canadian SMEs. However, our investment screens select for businesses with stable margins, management teams in place, recurring revenue, consistent cash flows, capital efficiency, and customer diversification.