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Adam Jezewski joining Equicapita Team as Equicapita expands into Eastern Canada

Equicapita is pleased to announce that Adam Jezewski has joined as Managing Director – Eastern Canada. Adam will be responsible for launching and building Equicapita’s private equity business in Eastern Canada, operating from our new office in Burlington, Ontario.

Adam has over 15 years of experience working with SME businesses in many capacities (M&A and restructuring advisory, buy side private equity and at the board of director level) over a broad range of industries (oilfield service, manufacturing, technology and distribution, among others) and geographic regions (North America, UK, Europe, India and China). Adam has worked with SME businesses to develop strategic plans, implement compensation and succession plans and planning and execution of acquisitions. Adam has been involved in leading all aspects of the private equity deal process and brings a great deal of expertise to the Equicapita team. Adam holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation (2003) in addition to a BBA (2000) from Bishop’s University.

“We have been considering an expansion of our business into Eastern Canada for quite some time, but we knew we could only pursue such an expansion under the leadership of someone who was expert in the local market dynamics, had specific and relevant private equity experience and had a pristine reputation – we are extremely fortunate to get all that and much more with Adam. Not only is he a great addition to our team, the fact that Adam and I have been personal friends for over 15 years made the decision an easy one” says Michael Cook, Co-Founder of Equicapita. “Many of our investors reside in Eastern Canada and we have been asked on repeated occasions over the last few years when we were going to move into or make investments in eastern Canada and we had always replied that until we can find someone we knew and trusted to oversee our investments we wouldn’t embark on that expansion. We can now confidently move into the next phase of Equicapita’s business evolution.”

Adam looks forward to connecting with business owners and advisors throughout Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes provinces. He can be reached at 905.336.8951 or by email at